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One Room Challenge: Master Bedroom Makeover

Thsi is my first time doing the One Room Challenge and I couldn’t be more excited to make over my bedroom! This room is ALWAYS cluttered. It seems everything gets thrown in here. My bedroom is literally my room, the baby’s room, and the dog’s room all in one. Someone send help! But really, making this room over has been on my to-do list … Read More One Room Challenge: Master Bedroom Makeover


Dollar Tree Spring Decor

This is a budget friendly post about how to take some cheap $1 items from Dollar Tree and make them look super cute in your home for spring! First I bought speckled egg garland and since one strip was not very long I bought two and tied them together! I added this new and improved garland to a cute $10 boxwood garland from Target … Read More Dollar Tree Spring Decor

I CUT MY OWN HAIR! An easy diy hair how-to!

You read that right. And yes it’s as scary as it sounds! But it is actually super easy! I’ve been cutting my own hair since the pandemic started! And now I’m just at the point where it’s just about convenience now with 4 kiddos here and being a full-time sahm and business owner! You can do it too! To trim my hair: I separate … Read More I CUT MY OWN HAIR! An easy diy hair how-to!


Christmas Advent Calendar for the Whole Family

We’ve been home for months now. We are halfway through our first year of homeschooling and I think the kids are in a slump. No one has any motivation and the weather is getting colder. We aren’t getting as much fresh air. But the holidays are among us and with them comes a little excitement! I decided to do an advent calendar this year … Read More Christmas Advent Calendar for the Whole Family


DIY Farmhouse Curtains

So you’ve been on Pinterest and seen those amazing farmhouse curtains right??! The ones that look a little like burlap… the oh so natural looking… the perfect shade of neutral… yes those! Well if you search them online you will find that they are not only pretty, but they are pretty pricey! Here’s how you can get the same look for a fraction of … Read More DIY Farmhouse Curtains