I’m Mary Katherine! I’m a recent stay at home mama living life raising babies. This is me, sharing my story of life, love, loss, and motherhood. I’m also obsessed with decorating our home! Grab some sweet tea and enjoy reading!


  • In memory: Our Angel Baby
    One year old. One whole year. You would’ve been one year old today. I imagine what you would have looked like. Would you look like the rainbow baby, your brother, that we were just blessed with five months ago? Would you have curly hair or big eyes? Pouty lips or chunky legs? I imagine you […]
  • Life After Loss: Rainbow Babies Are Real
    You lose a baby. Then what? Life doesn’t just stop. Your grief doesn’t just go away. Days pass. You somehow keep going. Things get easier. Your grief comes up every day but it doesn’t tear you down the way it used to. You’re stronger. You’re braver. You’ve grown to know your grief. You manage it […]


  • So in love with each and every session with you!