I’m Mary Katherine! I’m just a small town, southern mama trying to make it in this crazy thing called life! This is me, sharing my story of life, love, loss, and motherhood. I’m also an obsessed in-the-closet home decorator! Grab some sweet tea and enjoy reading!


  • DIY Farmhouse Curtains
    So you’ve been on Pinterest and seen those amazing farmhouse curtains right??! The ones that look a little like burlap… the oh so natural looking… the perfect shade of neutral… yes those! Well if you search them online you will find that they are not only pretty, but they are pretty pricey! Here’s how you […]
  • Let’s Stay Home DIY Projects: 5 Easy DIY Projects You Can Do At Home
    So we’re quarantined at home for weeks and running out of things to do! Here are 5 ideas for easy DIY projects you can do right from home! 1. DIY Farmhouse Signs An easy way to add some cuteness to any room is to make a homemade farmhouse sign. Computer paper and an empty picture […]


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