One Room Challenge: Master Bedroom Makeover

Thsi is my first time doing the One Room Challenge and I couldn’t be more excited to make over my bedroom! This room is ALWAYS cluttered. It seems everything gets thrown in here. My bedroom is literally my room, the baby’s room, and the dog’s room all in one. Someone send help!

But really, making this room over has been on my to-do list for a while. In fact, I’ve already started painting! Some new decor and new paint while showcasing our bed as a centerpiece will for sure create a to-die-for bedroom oasis.

Check out what my ideas are for this bedroom!

Y’all know I love the modern farmhouse look mixed with a little coastal. My theme for this bedroom is still mostly “farmhouse,” with a touch of mid-century (stepping out of my comfort zone but my eye always goes to this style) but I do want it to be a relaxing space for us to retreat to at night. I love bright rooms with lots of sunlight, so creating a room that is warm, but bright is important to me!

Here’s my idea board!

I have a new sign to go above my bed from Hobby Lobby I can’t wait to share! I have this white comforter set from Target!

Clipped Chenille Comforter & Sham Set – Threshold™ : Target

But I also have this grey duvet cover… I will probably use both of them!

3 PCs Duvet Cover King Size

Next, I am going to spray paint my current curtain rods black! I will buy the wall lights and new baskets for the built ins that are already in my room.

Here are the links to the lights and baskets!

Swing Arm Lights

White hyacinth baskets

This is my headboard!

We have about 5 weeks left in this challenge and I still have so much work to do! I’ve already started painting and I refinished my two end tables! I’m excited to see it come together!

My bedroom now…



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