I’m Mary… a small town girl living our version of the “American Dream!” My life in a nutshell is basically work, kids, work, kids! I’m a mama to 5 kiddos.. his, hers, and ours… and a wife to my bearded, hard-working husband Gene.

My journey to this life today hasn’t been an easy one but now I can see how God has put all the dots together to get us here. Gene and I grew up together. Our parents were friends and our very talented fathers played music together. My mom actually babysat Gene when he was a baby. And yes we definitely joke about the fact that she saw him naked before I did!

We both grew up and married other people… both of which were completely wrong for us. After getting pregnant during my second year of college, I married into an abusive relationship that didn’t get any better. You can read more about that story on my blog. However, I was blessed with two beautiful daughters. But, four years later I was freshly divorced with a four year old and a one year old trying to be a single mom.

One August night I reeeaalllyyy wanted to stay curled up on my couch, but my sister convinced me to go with her to the local county fair. Who would’ve thought that muddy fairgrounds, a bus ride, and a few beers later I would be flirting with my future husband under the stars on that summer night?! Gene and I ran into each other that night, ended up hanging out and talking most of the night, and the rest is history!

Now here we are married with his two kids, my two kids, and our little redheaded boys. We saved each other in so many ways. We created a family that may be dysfunctional but full of love. Our love story is truly special.


  • When I get an idea it’s like life or death I have to do it right now! (This is not good for my husband every time I watch Fixer supper!)
  • I have a serious obsession with home decor.
  • We live by the river and love living the boat life. We own a 24ft. Albemarle!
  • Hatteras Island, NC is my favorite place to visit.
  • I hate coffee but I love coffee mugs!
  • Pickles are my favorite.
  • I can get lost in tv dramas and anything that has to do with The Bachelor.
  • I love to read books based at the beach.
  • I used to be a third grade teacher. Before that I was a preschool teacher and then I was a child care supervisor. I’m an educator at heart.
  • I was a cheerleader in school and have been a Varsity cheerleading coach at my alma mater.
  • I’m a designer and a photographer. (Yes I have a million jobs!)
  • I have ZERO piercings. (And never will)
  • My two daughters share a birthday 3 years apart. Both of my sons were born on the 10th of their birth month.
  • My husband was my childhood crush.