Hi, I’m Mary K!

The Mama who runs this blog!

Hey y’all! I’m a mama of a BIG family who loves to write and take pictures. I love to share all of my favorite things, stories about life, my experiences with motherhood, and MORE! I first created this blog many years ago to share all of our traveling adventures and stories about the kids so I would never forget these memories. Over time, my blog has expanded to include my many DIY projects, home decor ideas, style and beauty tips, my miscarriage story, and all things motherhood!

Add What You Do
  • Mama of a big blended fam
  • Wifey to my bearded hubs
  • Photographer
  • Writer + Blogger
  • Clean Beauty Enthusiast
  • Oily Advocate
HIS HERS AND OURS: a rare occasion when we have ALL of them together for a photo! Left to right Jax, Cole, Brady, Lacey, Heidi, Kami, Beau, and Maddy.
Our family this year on our Albemarle 24 which we spend most of our time on during the warm months!

We’re one of those families that actually like spending time together! We live by the water and spend lots of time in our boat, fishing and making YouTube videos of all of our boating adventures! Click here to watch some of our videos!

I have spent my entire adult life working in education until 2020 happened. I have worked in daycare, been a preschool teacher, been a child care supervisor, and a third grade teacher. We had our rainbow baby in April of 2020 and then the pandemic hit, and we made the decision for me to quit my career to stay home and homeschool our kids. It was like the stars were aligning and there was so much purpose in this pandemic. I have been home since March 2020 taking care of Baby Beau and homeschooling the other 3 kiddos and it has been SO rewarding.

A creative like me can’t just stay home and cook and clean all day though! I opened my own tee shirt biz, Homebody Handmade Tees, running it from home and selling on Facebook and Etsy! Plus my photography business on the side keeps me pretty busy! Like I needed something else to do, I also advocate for healthy living through essential oils and clean beauty products with Beauty Counter! Follow me on Instagram to watch my cooking show, shop my outfits and home, and see what cool beauty products I’m sharing!

My best and favorite job though is just being a mama.

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